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Joining the Faculty at the

Lawrence University Conservatory  of Music

I am beyond thrilled to be joining the faculty at the Lawrence University - Conservatory of Music this fall as Associate Professor of Clarinet! Lawrence is a truly incredible community of learners, disrupters, and artistic visionaries, and I can’t wait to get started and settle into life in Appleton.

The past five years at UNCG have been magical, and I’ll always be grateful for the wonderful students, colleagues, and community we’ve enjoyed in Greensboro. Being part of the UNCG Clarinet Studio has been a dream come true. But, roads go ever on and on, and we’re all so excited for a new adventure and our next chapter in Wisconsin. New nachos will be had, fresh ruckus will be made, art will be shared, and the Hudsons are headed back to the Midwest!

Now Available!

SPACE BASS: Advanced Explorations for Bass Clarinet

by Andy Hudson & Roger Zare

SB Cover Design Final.jpg

Bass. The final frontier. Wait, what?

Inspired by the vast unknowable expanse of the cosmos and the manifold wonders therein, “SPACE BASS” takes the advancing bass clarinetist on an interstellar journey of progressive concert etudes that address bass clarinet techniques both fundamental and extended. Filled with dazzling new works that chart a course into the future, this exciting new collection explores foundational techniques like effective slurring, altissimo, and stable breath support while also coaching bass clarinetists through modern processes like slap tonguing, multiphonics, singing while playing, key clicks, air sounds, and more.

Each concert etude, crafted by award-winning composer Roger Zare (who has been praised by the New York Times for his “enviable grasp of orchestration) draws its inspiration from the vast wonderland of space. “Supernova” churns and builds before a spectral multiphonic explosion, “One Small Step” has us exploring downward slurs onto the Moon’s surface, and “The Golden Record” challenges us to sing into the bass clarinet (and into the void) like the drifting Voyager spacecraft. Each of the 13 etudes is introduced and explored with a written masterclass and performance guide from acclaimed clarinetist and bass clarinetist Andy Hudson, who breaks down the technical and musical challenges of each etude, making this an invaluable resource for the advancing bass clarinetist. The appendix material includes fingering charts and an essential guide for understanding bass clarinet clef notation, written by special guest contributor and dazzling bass clarinetist Jason Alder. A foreword by legendary pedagogue and clarinet virtuoso Jeff Anderle introduces the book.

Building on the success of their “wildly inventive” collaboration “Elements of Contemporary Clarinet Technique,” “SPACE BASS” sees longtime collaborators Roger Zare and Andy Hudson once again reimagine the modern etude book in terms of progressive growth, nuanced musical development, and performance application. This is a must-have for bass clarinetists and an essential addition to every modern music collection.

halfway home

the debut solo album by Andy Hudson

Out Now on Potenza Records


The debut solo album from celebrated clarinetist Andy Hudson, 'halfway home' features World Premiere recordings of seven works for clarinet by some of today's most exciting composers. This dynamic collection takes the listener on a genre-bending journey, from the initial delicately shimmering hues of Cassie Wieland's 'hands' to the muscular and mercurial 'Twisted Blue' by Jessica Rudman. Rosśa Crean's 'Hellville' blurs the line between man and machine as the clarinet is processed through electric guitar stompboxes, and Theresa Martin's 'Fire and Ice' sees two clarinets brought into powerful synthesis. Bass clarinet works by brin solomon, Anna Meadors, and Ledah Finck round out the album: solomon's romantic, haunting 'Aria' makes way for the breathless, exuberant dance of Meadors' 'Where did all of the words go?' Ledah Finck's longing song of exile 'If I were only halfway home' settles the record in a place of nostalgic desire.

Now available for purchase and streaming everywhere.

Cabrillo Festival 2022: Season Announced!


The ​Cabrillo Festival has announced its 2022 Season, and it is a doozy! This year’s nine composers in residence are Stacy Garrop, John Harbison, Jake Heggie, Scott Ordway, Paola Prestini, Kevin Puts, Iván Enrique Rodríguez, Andrea Reinkemeyer, and Sarah Kirkland Snider. Works by composers Gabriela Lena Frank, Jessie Montgomery and Christopher Rouse will also be featured. Guaranteed to be a good time, I would love to see you in Santa Cruz! Check out the full festival line-up here:


Now Available!

Elements of Contemporary Clarinet Technique

by Andy Hudson & Roger Zare

ECCT Front Cover.jpg

Inspired by the periodic table of elements, “Elements of Contemporary Clarinet Technique” takes the advancing clarinetist through a series of progressive concert etudes that address techniques both fundamental and extended. Chock full of dazzling new works for our present age, this exciting collection explores foundational techniques like effective slurring, light articulation, and stable breath support while also laying the groundwork for clarinetists to explore modern processes like circular breathing, double and slap tonguing, multiphonics, and more. 

Each etude, crafted by award-winning composer Roger Zare (who has been praised by the New York Times for his “enviable grasp of orchestration), draws its inspiration from a different element of the periodic table: “Silver” and “Gold” shimmer with lustrous connections, “Oxygen” demands extreme breath control, and “Neon” sparkles in the upper register. This collection also features a rollicking guest etude from celebrated composer Viet Cuong (called “alluring” and “wildly inventive” by the New York Times). Each of the 22 etudes is introduced and explored with a written masterclass and performance guide from acclaimed clarinetist Andy Hudson, who breaks down the technical and musical challenges of each etude, making this an invaluable resource for the progressing clarinetist. A foreword by Eric P. Mandat introduces the work.

A true collaboration between composer and pedagogue, “Elements of Contemporary Clarinet Technique” sees longtime collaborators Roger Zare and Andy Hudson set the standard for the modern etude book in terms of progressive growth, nuanced musical development, and performance application. This is a must-have for every modern music collection.

Coming Spring 2022: 'halfway home' on Potenza Records


I am delighted that the recording process is finished for my debut solo album! Funded by generous grants from ArtsGreensboro and the University of North Carolina Greensboro, this project features world premiere recordings of music by Cassie Wieland, brin solomon, Theresa Martin, Rossa Crean, Ledah Finck, Jessica Rudman, and Anna Meadors. I am excited that my terrific UNCG colleagues Inara Zandmane (piano) and Anthony Taylor (clarinet) also appear on the record.



J BASS to perform at ICA ClarinetFest in Fort Worth, TX

This Summer, I am honored that J BASS, a bass clarinet quartet featuring Danny Mui (NYC Ballet), Taylor Eiffert (Winnipeg Symphony), and David Boutin-Bourque (Erie Symphony), and myself, will be performing a concert at the ICA's ClarinetFest 2021 in Fort Worth. We will play music by Cornelius Boots, premiere a brand new piece by Erin Cameron, and have a few surprises as well. 

J BASS POSTER 2-page-001.jpg
J BASS POSTER 1-page-001.jpg

"Sisyphus" Residency at Greensboro Project Space

"Each new day is a new burden, a new journey. Each day, the same burden, the same journey."

'Sisyphus' pushes the burden up the hill. Over and over, he pours the fullness of his strength into the task, emptying himself to move the rock another inch. Eventually, as before, he crumbles under its weight and finds himself tumbling down again, like humpty dumpty or the evening rain. Each new day is a new burden, a new journey. Each day, the same burden, the same journey. Another attempt to crest the hill.

Life during the pandemic has brought with it the rolling drive of monotony. Days, weeks, even months blur together as we struggle to achieve even the most menial tasks. Like Sisyphus, we feel the weight of each moment as they stack, one on another, until the feather-light days have become a heavy and crushing burden. We become the architecture: bricks upon bricks, cascading city blocks and fire escapes, individual elements that become heavy as they are stacked atop each other, seemingly immovable.

'Sisyphus' is a performance that explores these concepts of stacking and repetition, of pushing our burden up the hill again, as we observe them externally and internally. The music layers upon itself like every new/old day, and yet through this repetition we find color, strength, even whimsy. Whether in literal or metaphysical ways, we find that the present burden affords creative possibilities that once seemed impossible: through the heaviness and repetition of life, we find new meaning and expression.

Featuring music by Cassie Wieland, Eric P. Mandat, and Steve Reich, 'Sisyphus' program explores musical soundscapes that recur, relapse, and evolve, and concludes with the world premiere of a new work by Andy Hudson.

Artist Talk on Wednesday 11/4, at 7:30 PM. Concerts on Friday, 11/6, at 6, 7, and 8 PM, at Greensboro Project Space.

Full Residency Details Available Here.

Artist-Clinician, Buffet Crampon

Twenty years ago, when I bought my first Buffet clarinet, I had no idea how long the journey would be. That instrument unlocked something within me, and showed me what it meant to express myself. Ever since, I have exclusively played on Buffet clarinets because I know that I can depend on their unmatched quality of sound, nuance of color, and ease of expression. Simply put, I depend on these instruments to allow my artistry to shine.

It is for this reason and so many more that I am elated to announce I am joining the Buffet Crampon family as an Artist-Clinician! It is a consummate honor to partner with Buffet and come alongside the good work they are doing across the country and around the world. Buffet has made the world's finest clarinets for nearly 200 years, and they continue to serve our industry with their innovation and refinement of the instrument.

It is simply a pleasure to play Buffet. #WeAreBuffet

Buffet Announcement Photo.jpg

World Premiere Video:

Stacy Garrop's "The Battle for the Ballot"​ w/ 

The Cabrillo Festival Orchestra





Check ​out this amazing video of the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra giving the digital World Premiere of Stacy Garrop's new work, "The Battle for the Ballot," written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in America. This video is a technological masterpiece, stitched together by Cabrillo Festival percussionist Svet Stoyanov, from more than 60 individual videos. Enjoy, and please register to VOTE!

Joining the Rovner Products Family

It is my great pleasure to announce that I have joined the Rovner Products family as a Rovner Ambassador​I have performed on Rovner ligatures for twenty years, and I depend on them for their ease of response and focused, ringing tone. Rovner is a special company that actively gives back to its community and its players, and I am excited to come alongside and support the good work they are doing!


I am also grateful to be partnering with Rovner to support the outstanding work of the Huntsville Youth Orchestra and the Tennessee Valley Music Festival, an organization I have loved and championed for more than a decade. Through my longstanding partnership with TVMF and the HYO, I have had the pleasure to meet and mentor dozens and dozens of emerging musicians from the Southeast United States and Costa Rica. It means the world to have Rovner's support in this endeavor, and we'd love for you to join us in this endeavor.

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